Welcome! You are an employee for the World Biome Travel Agency and they have a wealthy client that is looking for an exciting ecological expedition. You should make your biome the most EXCITING place in the world. A place your client would LOVE to visit.

There are three parts to your grade for the project, 1) A fact sheet external image msword.png BiomeFact.doc about your biome, 2) the actual wiki pages that you design, and 3) a presentation to the class. Working with a partner you will develop a wiki page that clients can visit to learn about vacationing in your biome. You will also give a short presentation to the class to sell your vacation package and show us your wiki pages. After all presentations are finished, the class will vote on the most appealing vacation.

Vacation Packages

taiga (coniferous forest)
alpine tundra
arctic tundra
tropical rain forest
grassland (prairie)
temperate rain forest
savanna (sometimes called grassland)
temperate deciduous forest
freshwater (lakes, rivers, or streams)
Each team will be assigned a biome. It is the team's job to research the biome and gather facts and information about that biome. Fill out the fact sheet, then design your wiki pages. You will have one week to make your wiki pages. You may work on them outside of class also.

Some questions to consider:
What is the geographic location?
What kinds of activities could people do in this location?
What kinds of plants and animals live there?
What kind of clothes should they bring?
What's the weather like?
What is the best time of year to to travel there?
What part of the world will they be traveling to?
Are there any dangerous elements to traveling there?
What are the places of interest?
Why is your biome important?

Your wiki should have at least 4 pages. The first page should be an introduction page with the name of your travel agency and how to contact you. In addition, you should have the following pages about your biome:
1) location, geography, weather
2) animals, plants, terrain
3) activites and places to see

You may have more, but 3 is the minimum. Each page should have pictures and graphics. The layout should be interesting and easy to follow. Remember you are selling a trip to your biome! Use your imagination!

You will need to make a presentation to the class showing your wiki biome.
Make sure each person of your group speaks during the presentation.

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